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Welcome TO

Mary Hurd Academy

Where every student's journey is met with personalized care and unwavering dedication. At MHA, we're more than just an educational institution; we're a community committed to fostering growth, resilience, and belonging.


Through tailored instruction, therapeutic support, and a nurturing environment, we empower students to embrace challenges. Our mission is not only to educate but to uplift, restore confidence, and cultivate meaningful aspirations for each individual.

Core Values


We show consideration for each other by being polite, kind, positive, listening to others and using appropriate language.

Mission Statement

Mary Hurd Academy is dedicated to providing an educational experience that comprehensively addresses the individual needs of learners. Through personalized instruction, therapeutic interventions, and a positive school wide culture, students are able to develop a sense of belonging that will serve them as successful future community members. We promote accountability through challenging experiences and restorative practices that allow students to take ownership of their own educational experiences.  We work to restore student self confidence and empower them to develop meaningful goals and future aspirations. 

Meet Martin!

MHA's Therapy Dog

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