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Experiential Learning Opportunities


Experiential Learning Opportunities (ELOs) are a cornerstone of the MHA program. The goal of ELOs is to provide hands-on learning experiences to our students that not only allow them to fully practice their learned skills while also learning more, but also to develop strong community ties that will undoubtedly prove beneficial in post-secondary years. Students at MHA participate in ELOs on a daily basis in the afternoons after core academics. It is in this component that the student has the floor as the MHA staff tap into their natural abilities and creativity to tie what they have learned into unforgettable culminating experiences.  


Some of the many ELOs that we are currently engaged in include:

  • Developing a comprehensive thrift shop to provide affordable clothing and accessories to students and the communities

  • Volunteering for a local food pantry

  • Volunteering to support a local library

  • Assisting the community through spring cleaning of nearby roads, fields, and neighborhoods

  • Preparation of school-wide meals including breakfasts, lunches, and snacks 

  • Developing woodworking skills in the school shop

  • Building a historically accurate reproduction Tipi

  • Mechanical auto repair

  • Therapeutic horseback riding and farm work

  • Nature photography

  • Administrative office support

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